Monday, February 18, 2008

Fake Fair Isle Tam

B Tam02
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I am loving these colors. The main color is Tahki Yarns Bunny in colorway 041, and the contrast colors are from Noro Kureyon colorway 92. These have both been sitting in my little box of stash for over a year. The Noro was one of the very first yarns I ever bought, but I never actually made bag I was planning. Even better than knitting out of the stash, though, is liberating myself from a soul sucking project. I originally bought 3 balls of the Bunny to design a scarf. I managed to knit a little more than a ball's worth of yarn, but the design had a major problem in addition to my whole I-can't-stand-to-knit-scarves attitude. I was trying to make a pattern stand out using just knitting and purling to create a texture. The repeat was just easy enough to make me zone out, but just difficult enough that I would mess up every time. No more!

Check out this and the other two tams in the Winter issue of Knitty.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you are able to keep the colors straight, or how you thought to put them all together, but they're gorgeous!

Rachel said...

That's the beauty of Noro yarns! All of their stuff (as far as I know) is variegated with super long blocks of color, so you don't have to weave in ends or figure out what color to use next.