Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ta dah!

So now the shoulders will fit a swimmer, instead of a linebacker, which is a drastic improvement. I used fewer decrease rows than I did the first time, because I figured most young kids have enormous heads and it simply wouldn't do to squeeze the living daylights out of them. Unfortunately I don't know any local two year olds of the appropriate size, so there may not be any cute toddler-in-a-sweater pictures for a while.

Now that I've finished this I feel absolutely justified buying yarn to make the whale sweater, and I am really excited about getting that started. Web's is even having a sale on old standby yarns for the entire month of April, so I'm hoping to find a good match when I go this weekend.

I have to say that it feels weird to have finished this so quickly. Even though I started this before spring break, I feel like there should still be something left for me to do, but I've even woven in all the ends. The rugby sweater I made for Zanthe had a million color changes, which ate up a lot of time, besides being twice the size of the intended recipient.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! If you stitched in a white ruffled collar that mirrors the curve of the shoulder, and/or a matching ruffle on the bottom, would it look girlie enough, or just a bit too Little Lord Fauntleroy (or Little Lord Fauntleroy's been lifting weights)? I'm thinking of both a dress that Grand Papoo got you when you were a wee babe, white with a double swoop of ruffle at the neck, and puffed sleeves (both edged in shell pink), and a yellow knit one-piece outfit Janet brought you from Spain, with a Peter Pan collar and satin bow (now that was Little Lord Fauntleroy!)
Granny Lissi

Rachel said...

I was actually planning on either giving this to Jordan or just passing it on to Megan for one of the twins if it doesn't fit, so I'm not too concerned about embellishments. I think it'll do better on its own, it's pretty rustic looking to add lace around the edges!