Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf, day 1

Ah, the magic of natural light. That is actually somewhat close to the real color. I was going to provide a close up as well, but then I realized the section I focused on has the one big mistake that I left in. I am usually pretty good about taking them out, but this time I had no idea what had gone wrong, so you can forget about trying to fix it. I was just starting to think I had cables figured out, too. I guess I should change my definition of "having a stitch figured out" to include being able to understand what happened when something goes wrong. And what is this? Doth mine eyes deceive me? A ball of yarn which pulls from the center?
Indeed. And so far there has only been one knot, which wasn't too tricky to untangle. I haven't ever wound a ball of yarn from a skein before, so I'm really glad this worked. The yarn is by Cascade Yarns, in the Heather collection, color 2445. It's listed on the knitalong page (the company, not the color specifically), but the list is nearly a mile long, so that's no surprise. I was poking around and I saw some of the finished scarves, and they look fantastic. I'm very glad I chose this pattern to try out cables.

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