Friday, August 04, 2006

Scarf update

The scarf is clearly past the stage where it could be mistaken for a dishrag. Unfortunately, I nearly gave myself carpal tunnel getting to this length. My problem is that I hold my needles with far to much pressure, especially with the last two fingers of my right hand. However, this present incident of a cramped hand may be a blessing in disguise, because I am finally trying to address this problem. I've found it helpful to remember something I first heard during high school, in a completely different context: Just enough pressure to hold a potato chip.

A significant portion of the cross country team was running with clenched fists, and carrying their arms high and close to their bodies. It's no surprise that this takes extra energy, so the coach gave us a visualization to help relax. We had to pretend there was a potato chip between the first finger and thumb of each hand, and we had to keep our hands loose enough that the chip wouldn't break. I'm reminding myself of those potato chips as I knit, and I'm also cutting back on how long I knit in one sitting. The scarf won't have any more growth spurts, but as the weather reminded me yesterday (and the day before, and the day before that...) I have quite some time before I need a wool scarf.


Anonymous said...

I love the visualization (as well as the scarf). I wonder if there is some way to apply that to the mouse...
xox mom

Lydia said...

Lovely! Makes me want to try. I made a baby blanket with cables, once.

Lauren said...

I love the color of your IHS! I know what you mean about the hand pain... I am glad to be done with my scarf. Looking good though, good luck!

Rachel said...

Mom - I kept thinking, "What mouse? What does a potato chip have to do with a mouse?" Silly laptop.

Lydia - Thanks! I would definitely recommend the pattern if you're looking for cables. Now did you make that baby blanket before you were taking care of twins, or after? I'd love to see it some time.

Lauren - Thanks so much! I hope your father had a good birthday. I'm sure he loved your present!

elyse said...

Oh, right - your laptop doesn't have a mouse. I meant on the computer - lots of arm pain. (Although I'm sure there are plenty of mice that would love potato chips!)

The only sweater I ever knit was made for you when you were two. (It had some cables in it, too.) By the time I finished it you were three - I hope you're a faster knitter than [me]!
xox mom