Monday, September 25, 2006

Back in action

I've started a Debbie Bliss sweater for my oldest niece, who received the teddy bear Henrietta. I'm almost done with knitting the back, but not quite as close as I thought I was. I nearly started binding off stitches for the shoulders 3 inches too soon, because I started looking at the instructions for the smallest size, instead of the size for 4 year olds.

A quick, random interjection: I'm takinga class on hand set type, and so I've started noticing things about letters that I never noticed before. I mention this because I'm very impressed that the default font for Blogger uses ranging numbers.

My house has a weekly meeting of the Molly Weasley society, in which Harry Potter books are read out loud and handicrafts are knit or crocheted or cut and pasted or, in one case, math proofs are proved. I've never gone before because they are a Sunday evening affair, but now that I have a rehearsal from 8 until 10 pm every week my homework should be done early enough that I can go.


Moseph said...

whoa! tell me more about ranging numbers? actually me.

Penny said...

you know, until you mentioned it, I hadn't noticed. That's quite cool!