Sunday, December 17, 2006

New addition to the bookshelf

As soon as the library withdraws some books I'm going to make these bookends permanent-style. I'm going to try cutting a stack of books in half so they take up less room, but this is a good make-shift way to keep everything upright. Oh, what's that I see tucked in the middle?
I'm in love with this paper. The Guild only had two sheets of it, which was enough to bind 8 out of the 12 copies, but I have other paper at home that I can use for the rest. It was really annoying when I discovered that the second sheet had a tear in it that I couldn't possibly avoid, but at least I was able to hide it in the back. Even if I'd noticed in the store I probably would have bought them, because nothing else struck me in quite the same way (i.e., enough to rationalize paying for it).
In addition to binding these, I printed my two color piece today. As always, I wasn't expecting it to take quite as long as it did, but I'm completely done working in the studio for the semester.
Coming soon: Bucket O' Brains!


sulu-design said...

Gorgeous covers! Congratulations on being done with the studio work. Bucket O' Brains?!?

Anonymous said...

I would have bought the paper too.

And I am going to reiterate what Susan said... "Bucket O' Brains?" Can't wait.