Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Sometimes looming deadlines help me start working.
And sometimes I make rubber stamps instead.
In my defense, there is no way that I would have accomplished anything at the studio in the short amount of time I spent on this, and as soon as I finished I started doing work.
I am not entirely pleased with how the penguin came out, but at least now I have a better idea of what kind of images would be appropriate. I'm taking as my model a still life of onions that was carved and stamped on the cover of a hand-bound recipe book. I wish I could remember where I saw the picture of it, I was drawn to it at the time.


sulu-design said...

I think the little guy is cute. But I know how deadlines can really bring out the random creative urges when they're the last thing one should be focusing on. At least you've got some additional time now.

penny said...

The penguin stamp is wonderful! I recently discovered your site and have slowly been going through your recent posts. The ability to breathe and work through the book printing gave /me/ a sigh of relief as well. I'm fascinated by typography but quite ignorant.

Rachel said...

It's been really exciting being in the class and learning how everything works. There are so many fantastic small letterpress printers online, but I haven't found a lot of detailed information about what goes into a finished product and I thought it would be nice to let people see a little bit more detail about how everything comes together. Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you've been enjoying it!