Monday, December 18, 2006

Oscar the Scrappy.

This plant was a Secret Santa present two years ago, and I think he has survived long enough to deserve a name. I think I will name him Oscar. I was amazed when he bloomed again last winter, and then somehow managed to survive a very ill-advised attempt at repotting this summer. Perhaps not ill-advised, as the roots had become pot-bound, but it was definitely a poorly executed rescue. In the aftermath of the re-potting I stuck this lil' guy outside so he could get more sun, and I think the scarring on that out-of-focus leaf is from the time spent outdoors. When Oscar is feeling under the weather (i.e., unwatered) he doesn't change color, but all of the leaves start feeling very thin and pliable. A few times I have been completely neglectful, and at first a leaf or two falls off. Then if I don't notice in time an entire stalk will fall off from the base, which is the most disturbing plant disaster I have ever encountered. Maybe it isn't clear in the picture, but the resemblance to hands is really intense. Once they're detatched the long stalks resemble severed limbs. Oscar may not be as pristine and full of blooms as when I received him, but he certainly makes up for it by being scrappy. Maybe now that he has a name I'll be more consistent in my caretaking.

So far there is only the one flower, but there are plenty of buds waiting in the wings. They're all pretty miniscule, though, so I'm not sure they're going to flower at all. The single gigantic bud finally opened up yesterday. Isn't that stamen an amazing color of pink?
Today I frogged not only one but two knitting projects. Character building stuff. I'm excited to have found these free charts, however. Not because I want to knit a German Shepard or some candy corn, mind you, but because they have a link to blank knitting charts along the top. (On the other hand, I admit to liking the sock sheep quite a bit.)

I've been reading the archives of See Eunny Knit, and her explanation of un-venting simple cables (as well as Ariel Barton's 2004 Knitty article about why charts are your friends) have made the idea of using a chart much less intimidating. Since the brief mention a few weeks ago I've been plodding along on a grey scarf, and keeping track of each row was becoming a hassle. I think starting over with the pattern set from the beginning should help immensely.

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Penny said...

They tend to be quite hardy plants. My mum has rescheduled hers so that they bloom on my bday (31 oct) instead of mid-december.