Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A finished teddy bear

I would like to introduce Henrietta. She likes to wear dresses and climb trees:
I was playing with Henrietta and I thought something seemed familiar about her:
I've decided that the snapping noises were responsible for the cracks in the crust which appeared later. What made the noises so surprising was that they were so loud but didn't seem to be having a physical effect on the bread. I think with steam it would have had a softer/thinner crust and the cracks wouldn't have happened, but I can't be sure. The interior was okay but I am not a fan of the thick crust. Overall, the potluck can be summed up as a very successful trade of vegetables for carbs.


Lydia said...

Are you going to post your socks, too?
I think that some people put a pan of water in the oven with the bread to keep the crust tender. But I can tell by the pix that you are a better baker than I ever thought about being.
The sandcastle cake is FABULOUS.
--Mo's Mom

Rachel said...

Thanks for the reminder! I never did post a picture of all the socks. Fortunately I took a picture before they got sent off. I tried steaming the oven on the bread I baked yesterday, and somehow the crust was thicker than any crust I've ever baked, so I don't know what's going on there. Although that could also be because it was a high temperature, and the rack was too high in the oven. Time to experiment, I guess.

elyse said...

When you were two you had two small bears - Caitlin and Allison - one was red, the other blue. One of them - I think Allsion - looked just like Henrietta, same size, same color.
xox mom