Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The enthusiastic but bewildered response.

You know that weird situation that happens where you spend an inordinate amount of time making a gift and the person you give it to just doesn't get it? They just have no conception of how much care and effort went into what you've given them? There's a funny version of that, too. I gave my friends the linen facecloths, and they were touched, and appreciative, and clearly impressed, and we spent a great deal of time talking about them. We talked about how to take care of them, details about how they were made, which one was my favorite, &c. &c. Then as I was leaving I realized they hadn't a clue how they were meant to be used. Absolutely no idea. This is the second time this has happened to me recently, too, which means I should stop being lazy and start making up cards to give along with presents.

"Dear so-and-so," they will read, "I know how much you ______, I hope you enjoy this _____/nod and smile/thank me and hide it away in a cupboard."

Oh well. I guess I could have been clearer, or mentioned earlier on what their purpose was, but it just didn't seem like there were any doubts.
At least what I finished today shouldn't have that trouble. Mo has already seen this in progress, but it got hidden under my bed and forgotten, so it should at least be mildly surprising.
I think Mo found this at a thrift store, but it came with a giant moth hole. Fortunately for Mo it was in a good place for an embroidered patch. This is the first thing I've embroidered following my own design. I hadn't planned on changing the color of the grass, but I couldn't find the same colors of thread that I used before, and I think it makes sense to have a lighter putting green anyway. I'm modeling it here so you can see placement a little better.


sulu-design said...

That patch up is too freakin' cute!

crumpet said...

That's just adorable.

Shona said...

One year I decided to give charitable donations to organizations I hand picked for each one of my friend's interests- it took a lot of time + research. It turned out to be the worst received gift year ever! Now I give card assortment packs to get people through out the upcoming year. I'm sure some of them just end up in a drawer, never to be used.
I love your sweater fix.
And as for "my boy" + his coffee...it's my boyfriend, not my brother, + he denied formerly drinking 2 pots a day. So far I think he's doing fine- no withdrawal monster rearing its ugly head.

futuregirl said...

The "unknown responses to handmade things" issue is why I never ever make things for people who haven't asked for something specifically (or paid for it, which is the same thing, really). Everyone who knows me, knows I make stuff ... if they wanted something, they'd ask. I also never say, "Would you like me to make you XYZ?" because people will usually say yes, even if they don't want one.

I know this is making me sound cranky ... but it's just the opposite. I never disappoint people and every time I make something for someone, it's well received.

Personally, I think your linen face cloths are beautiful. :)

Just call me Ruby said...

The face cloths are absolutely beautiful, next time you see them ask them if they've used the facecloths yet.

Love the repair work, my washing machine keeps leaving two little holes in half of my clothes that I'm constantly having to repair, you've given me some good ideas.

Love your blog,

Ruby x