Thursday, November 16, 2006

The collar

I have a new love.

In normal circumstances, I am not one to add my voice to the chorus of product promotions. I stopped scrapbooking when it began to feel all about acquiring the newest paper or the most innovative cutting device. However, everything I have ever heard about Addi Turbo needles is true. I will spare you the many, many details and instead give you two short points:

1. The needles are quiet enough that I can knit in a group setting without feeling like a jerk.

2. My gauge is much more consistent than on the needles with which I started the sweater. I had to concentrate on my tension in order to get the ribbing along the bottom, and you can see that there are still some random wonky stitches. The collar isn't exactly perfect, but it is much better and it didn't require my attention. In fact, I think most of the weird stitches happened after I noticed how much better the Turbo needles were and I got afraid of messing things up.

I'm glad to have discovered this brand early on. I haven't had too much experience on different types of needles, but it turns out that I do, in fact, have a favorite.


mom said...

Rachel, that collar looks fantastic. I'm really looking forward to seeing the sweater next week.

Isn't it fun when you find that the tools make such a difference in your outcome? I remember a camp counselor I worked with who was obsessive about her Fiskars scissors - noone could use them on anything but fabric, if we were allowed to use them at all. We thought she was just compulsive. Fast-forward many years, and I had the "ah-ha" moment after springing for a good-quality paintbrush because it was aesthetically pleasing, and the walls practically painted themselves - I wished the room was larger so I could continue painting. Using a rotary cutter for the first time was like that. I love cutting a good line!

Rachel said...

Yeah, it's nice having a designated sewing/knitting scissor. I didn't realize exactly how good a pair of scissors I have until I used my other pair and the yarn started fraying everywhere.