Friday, November 17, 2006

Gigantic Mums!

Don't these last two look like they're from Sesame Street?

There's also a room overflowing with normal sized mums, but by now they're fairly wilted and sad looking. It's surprising how much flowers will be past their prime in less than a week.

This is Mo hard at work pinching back mums over the summer:


mom said...

The flowers, of course are fun to see, but I LOVE the third picture - did you really take that with your cell phone? Its got wonderful composition.
I've just been looking at (way too many) quilt blogs, and this picture looks like it would make a gorgeous art quilt. Or a great greeting card...

Rachel said...

Cell phone! Ma cherie, no no no no no! (We have been singing a lot of French). I've been borrowing Mo's camera since...forever. I haven't posted anything from my camera. Besides the crappy quality, it costs a quarter to send it to an email address, which is ridiculous.

sulu-design said...

Gorgeous! I love the second photo in particular.