Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We have a winner! (and some serious sweater progress)

This, my friends, is an Italian Cauliflower. Weird, huh? Our anonymous winner is, in fact, my mom, so I will be bringing the aforementioned Prize home with me for Thanksgiving.

While I have been cleverly distracting you with Contests and Disasters, I have been feverishly working on the sweater behind your backs. Oh, right, remember the sweater?

I have finished the front, which I was stuck on the last time I posted about it. I have finished the sleeves. I have even, you will note, sewn together my first pieces of knitting ever. And I have started working on the collar. Not bad!

I really like the collar on this sweater. See that circular knitting needle? I started with a pair of regular needles and I got about halfway around the neck before I decided that it most definitely would not work.

One unfortunate aspect of starting this project was that it required buying a lot of yarn. I could have made a sweater for me with the yarn I bought for this project. Granted, it would have had crazy proportions of colors, but it would still be a wearable garment. On the upside, I now have enough yarn to start thinking about trying a simple intarsia project. Here are the leftovers, pictured without the full skein of white for the collar:

P.S. Firefox should learn how to spell intarsia. Seriously.


sulu-design said...

That Italian cauliflower is quite the amazing specimen - part fractal, part graphic design!

mom said...

That cauliflower is beautiful... it makes me think about the influence of nature on art and architecture, and why cultures in different areas would come up with such varied styles of building and adornment (its not about climate and raw materials - its the vegetables!!!)

Its almost a shame to eat it - we'll have to find a special recipe for this one (as it looks somewhat dangerous, I'm thinking something along the lines of a long, slow roast to tenderize).

The sweater's looking great. Z's going to love it. Can't wait to see it up close.
xox, mom

Rachel said...

There are some pretty cool vegetables out there-I had no idea what it was when I first saw it, although this was made more difficult since it wasn't in a grocery store or a kitchen type context. I'll be interested to hear how it turns out once cooked.

mom said...

What do you mean, 'interested to hear how it turns out'? You have to eat it too (otherwise it gets a shellacking and sits on the shelf)!